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The session will become the main platform for professional discussion of issues of the financial and economic policy of Russia. Experts will discuss the impact of the pandemic on the economy, financial system and business, as well as models for overcoming the consequences of the pandemic.

Agenda of the session and speakers' level are a guarantee of vivid discussion and a wide range of opinions capable of exciting the curiosity of not only the professional community. 

Broadcast of the Strategic Session will be available on Russia-24 TV channel. 

It is impossible to hold the forum in the usual format due to the epidemiological situation. The Anniversary V Moscow Financial Forum will be held in 2021.

Organizers of the Session

Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation

Moscow City Government


Anton Siluanov

Chairman of the Organizing Committee for the preparation and carrying of the Moscow Financial Forum, Minister of Finance of the Russian Federation

Sergey Sobyanin

Mayor of Moscow

Dear friends and colleagues,

The September Meetings for the Financier's Day have already become a good tradition. We meet to discuss the most urgent problems and to develop efficient solutions to ensure macroeconomic and financial stability of Russia.

During the current year of 2020, the coronavirus pandemic has become a severe shock for the global economy. We are seeing how unpredictably the world may change, and we understand that we must learn to live in new conditions. Today, Russia is much better prepared to deal with the new challenges. Same as it has always been, our task is not only to overcome the difficulties but also to set ambitious goals and to accomplish them.

Holding the Moscow Financial Forum in the usual format is not possible this year due to the epidemiological situation. However, we are aware of the need for a professional discussion on the issues of the economic policy during the pandemic period as well as on the issues of threats and opportunities in the post-pandemic world. The Strategic Meeting of the Moscow Financial Forum will be a platform for discussing the issues mentioned above; it will be held online on September 08, 2020.

Looking forward to seeing you!


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