Vladimir Zhelonkin

Editor-in-Chief, Kommersant

Yuriy Zubarev

State Secretary - Deputy Minister of Finance of the Russian Federation

Ekaterina Zinovieva

First Deputy Minister of Economy and Finance of the Moscow Oblast

Alexander Zhukov

Chairman, State Financial Control Committee of St. Petersburg

Anna Zelentsova

Strategic Coordinator, Russian Ministry of Finance's Project "Promoting Financial Literacy and Financial Education in the Russian Federation", member of the OECD Supervisory Board for Financial Education

Dmitry Zemlyansky

Chairman, Council for the Study of Productive Forces, Russian Ministry of Economic Development

Olga Zabralova

First Deputy Chairman of the Moscow Region Government - Minister of Education of the Moscow Oblast

Oleg Zenchenko

Managing Director, Russian Federation Government’s Agent Block, VEB.RF

Pavel Zar’kov

Chief Operating Officer, Sodruzhestvo Management Company LLC

Mikhail Zadornov

President and Chairman of the Management Board, FC Otkrytie

Aleksey Zabotkin

Director, Monetary Policy Department, Central Bank of the Russian Federation

Piotr Zaselssky

Deputy Minister of Economic Development of the Russian Federation

Vadim Zhivulin

Deputy Minister of Economic Development of the Russian Federation