Dear media representatives,

The broadcast will be available on the forum website on September 8, 2020 at 4:00pm

A media representative can contact the Moscow Financial Forum press center concerning all issues related to the work of media while covering the Strategic Session at:

Please make sure to specify the following information in the official requests to interview the Strategic Session speakers:

  • full name of a media organization;
  • full name and contact details of a correspondent or producer responsible for the interview;
  • name and position of a speaker, name of an organization;
  • list of questions or topics to be discussed.

When using the official information and quoting the statements of session speakers, finished materials must contain reference to the Strategic Session of the Moscow Financial Forum and sources of obtained information, or contain a link to the Forum website if the information was obtained from the website ( No alterations, addenda, or tampering are allowed in the copied (quoted) information.

The organizers bear no liability for the statements of blogosphere or social media participants. The organizers hereby inform that they have the right to use the text of articles, photo and video materials obtained or made by media representatives during the preparation or holding of the Strategic Session of the Moscow Financial Forum with reference to the authors of such materials.